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DSPPA D6427 Network to Serial Port Module



  • One way for two-way transmission of RS232 DATA interface, one way for two-way transmission of RJ45 interface.
  • One way for RS232 SETTING parameter setting port.
  • RS232 input data can specify target IP, port sending.
  • RJ45 input data can specify baud rate output from the RS232 port.
  • DSPPA D6427 network to serial port module Can be output via RS232 SETTING port to set RS232 DATA transmission baud rate and RJ45 local IP, PORT and target IP, PORT
  • You can use the NETCOM Manager setting software to modify the serial port bit rate, network port IP address, and more.
  • Use voltage stabilizing circuit, strong anti-interference ability, To ensure the stability of the data of DSPPA D6427 combined with the use of the central control, expand the central control network control function, the central control function is more powerful.

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DSPPA D6427 Network to Serial Port Module Specs:

The network to the serial port module is a product produced to adapt to the increasingly widely used network environment. DSPPA D6427 network module uses high-performance computing processing, network communication, and serial communication chips. It can support one-way RS232 and one-way RJ45 bi-direction transmission, the module’s RS232 port data input can be converted to RJ45 UDP protocol output and the module’s  RJ45 data input can be converted to RS232 data output.

model D6427
RS232 SETTING 1 RS232 SETTING, DB9 (hole) interface; baud rate: 9600, 8, 1, n, used to connect to a
computer to set RS232 DATA and RJ45 interface parameters.
RS232 DATA 1 RS232 DATA interface, interface type DB9 (pin), default baud rate: 9600.8, 1, n is used for receiving
and sending data.
RJ45 1 RJ45 interface, support UDP protocol, default local IP: PORT: 8888, used to
receive and send UDP network data packets.
using electric 5VDC 2A MAX
Dimensions 150mm×80mm×30mm(L×W×H)

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