DSPPA D6651 UHF Wireless Microphone System

  • LCD display (display group, channels, and battery power)
  • Infrared frequency pairing point: DSPPA D6651 cooperates with the receiver “SET” button to transmit the channel parameters to the transmitter.
  • Up (to set volume, switch between high and low power, and lock switch)
  • Down (to set volume, switch between high and low power, and lock switch)
  • Menu (could adjust volume VOLO4, PA reception enhancement, LOCK to lock three function interfaces

৳ 28,920

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DSPPA D6651 Wireless Microphone System Specs:

Model D6651
Working frequency 600-800MHz
Modulation type FM
Channel 200
Channel spacing 250KHz
Frequency stability ±0.005%
Dynamic range 100dB
Max. deviation ±45KHz
Frequency response 50Hz~18KHz (±3dB) (The frequency of the entire system depends on the microphone unit)
Signal/Noise ratio >105dB
Composite distortion ≤0.5% @1000Hz
Working distance About 200 meters

(The working distance depends on many variables, including absorption, reflection, and interference of RF signals)

   Working temperature

Working Temperature

Package size (mm) 590×320×115
Gross weight 5kg

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