DSPPA DSP9235 Ceiling Mounted Microphone

DSPPA DSP9235 microphone has an electrostatic condenser head. Thanks to the 50Hz-16KHz/80Hz-14KHz. This DSP9235 microphone is apt for the conference, meeting and where need to speak in large audiences. If want to buy it, call us at 01719300940. We have microphones for different purposes from different brands.

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DSPPA DSP9235 Ceiling Mounted Microphone Specs:

Monomer – Electrostatic condenser head
Directivity – Heart type / super heart type
Frequency Response – 50Hz-16KHz/80Hz-14KHz
Sensitivity – 45dB±2dB/-30dB±2dB
Output Impedance – 500Ω/1600Ω±30%(at 1KHz)
Load Impedance – ≥1000Ω
Use Voltage – 1.5V AA battery or 9-52V phantom power
Net Weight – 270g

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