DSPPA DT4000 Dante Audio Matrix Price in Bangladesh


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DSPPA DT4000 Dante Audio Matrix


  • Distributed system with Dante LAN digital audio transmission technique
  • No suppression, no dissipation, and no delay, 48 kHz audio sampling
  • Double network interface design
  • DSPPA DT4000 Dante Audio Matrix comprised of 4-channel balanced input and output
  • Individual on/off switch of 48V phantom power of 4 channels, optional input signal-mic or line input
  • Control volume through level adjustment in each channel
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DSPPA DT4000 Dante Audio Matrix Specs:

DSPPA DT4000 Audio Matrix Specs is a high-fidelity audio adapter with distributed system. Dante LAN digital audio transmission technique is adopted. Input and output between Dante devices are realized through matrix. There are 4 audio input and 4 audio output interfaces. Two network interface makes it possible to convert analog signal in this device to network signal and transmit it to another Dante device. This device could also export analog signals sent by other Dante devices through a network.

Item Parameter
Model DT4000
Measured whenthe balanced/unbalanced line input of 250mV/1kHZ andbalancedoutput from another DT4000 device of 2V Input voltage ≤2V
Frequency response (±3dB) 20Hz~20kHz
SNR ≥80dB
Input dynamic range ≥18dB
Input distortion ≤0.5%
Measured whenthe microphone input of 2.5mV/1kHZ andbalancedoutput from another DT4000 device of 2V Output voltage ≥2V
Frequency response (±1dB) 30Hz~20kHz
SNR ≥80dB
Output distortion ≤0.5%
Phantom voltage 48V
Rated power ≤7W
Protection AC 220V/1A
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Machine dimension (L×W×H mm) 482×306×44
Package dimension (L×W×H mm) 526×348×86
Net weight 5.05KG
Gross weight 5.8KG

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