DSPPA DSP9209 HD Recording and Broadcasting Machine

  • DSPPA DSP9209 provides stable recording and broadcasting equipment
  • The host has a built-in digital intelligent audio processing module
  • Must meet the daily recording requirements
  • The host has a built-in 6-point video interactive MCU function
  • No operation is required for DSPPA DSP9209 broadcasting machine.

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DSPPA HD Recording and Broadcasting Machine Specs:

DSPPA DSP9209 I based on the demand for the stability of recording and broadcasting equipment, the recording and broadcasting host must adopt an embedded architecture design. Server and PC architecture are not accepted, and no coding box is used. The host contains image recognition and tracking, online guide, recording, live broadcast, on-demand, video management, user management, and digital audio functions. The appearance design of the recording and broadcasting host should meet the beauty, practicality, and installation convenience. The recording and broadcasting host is required to adopt a height ≤ 1U, the host uses a 12V DC power supply;

The host is required to support ≥4 sets of HD-SDI high-definition inputs for accessing teacher close-up camera, teacher panoramic camera, student close-up camera, student panoramic camera, support ≥1 set of HDMI input, ≥1 set of VGA input, ≥1 set HDMI output, ≥1 set of VGA output, ≥1 set of USB interface (the above interfaces do not support switching realization), high-definition video and computer resolution support 1920*1080;

The recording and broadcasting system needs to reflect the characteristics of simplicity, ease of use, and high integration. The recording and tracking are integrated into the design. The host has embedded image recognition and tracking module. No additional auxiliary analysis cameras and hardware devices (tracking host) are needed. It can realize a fully automatic image recognition tracking function and image click tracking function.

The host has a built-in digital intelligent audio processing module, which can realize intelligent audio processing functions without external audio processor equipment, equipped with ≥ 4 sets of audio input interfaces and ≥ 2 sets of audio output interfaces;

The host has a built-in 6-point video interactive MCU function, and the terminal of the branch venue can directly call into the terminal of the main venue for video interaction;

The video interaction adopts the internationally accepted SIP protocol and supports mainstream domestic and international high-definition video conference hardware terminals as branch venue terminals to access online classrooms to achieve interconnection; (such as POLYCOM, HUIWEI)

Must meet the daily recording requirements, ensure at least 1000 lessons, 45 minutes of storage space for each lesson, equipped with ≥ 2T storage space, the host has a 1000M network interface, and can be connected with a third-party FTP server to automatically record files Upload to FTP server for storage and backup, support external NAS network storage;

No operation is required. After the host is successfully turned on, the backplane output of the director screen can be realized, and the screen output delay is ≤0.2 seconds. The system can use an iPad/Android tablet to realize the control function of the recording and broadcasting system.

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