EIBOARD FC-86LED 86″ Interactive Flat Panel


BACBON EIBOARD Conference Interactive Flat Panels 86 inch, model as FC-86LED are office display solutions that put collaboration (including remote collaboration) at the front and center of its functionality. Security is more robust, there are higher-performing accessories for even more enhanced collaboration during power meetings, and even more highly engaging video conferencing experiences. It’s an intelligent writing panel with in-built camera and mic, widely used for meeting and online conference. It’s well compatible with multiple thirty party conference software for convenient online conference use.

Available Sizes are 65″ 75″ 86″ and 98″.

Basic features: 

1. Highly integrated PC, interactive whiteboard, speaker

2. Fast conversion between Android and Windows system

3. Support TV remote control function and F1-F12 function key

4. Commonly used in computer keyboard

5. Support one-key child lock, U disk lock function

6. Multiple-screen sharing

7. Automatically identify signal source and switch channel to source

8. The Interactive Flat Panel Built-In both Dual Operating System, Windows 10 Professional and Android 8.0 or 9.0

9. The Smart Board built-in 4K Smart TV module (no need external TV card).

10. The Smart Board Built-in Multiple-Screen Share option by apps or QR code.  Minimum 10 users can connect at the same time & 4 users can share screen at the same time with device. Users can control the Interactive Board by laptop, Mobile, PC or Tab.

11. The Interactive Multimedia Board must have built-in E-Learning software for Distance Learning.

12. The Smart Board must have built-in License Software- Screensahre Pro for Multipale screen sharing Capture for Screen Recording

13. The Smart Board Built-in same OME Brand Document Camera (Visualizer) for scanning option.

Built-in Smart Whiteboard Software Features:

1. Includes most of popular teaching tools like pens, eraser, spotlight, camera, Screen shape, rulers, compasses, set square, etc.

2. Various of object operation: copy, clone, delete, move, lock, zoom in/out, rotate, redo, cancel, group, ungroup, hyperlink (sound and website).

3 . Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT, excel, etc), edit, save, print etc

4 . Can zoom in/out, rotate photos by finger gestures.

5. Polygon drawing including lines, graphics, triangles, pentagons, support of shape recognition

6. Unlimited writing range by dragging the pages freely.

7. Handwriting recognition (Chinese and English)

8. Screen Recording: Customized screen recording option. Recording video easily can edit by user through IFP Extra web camera video recording option as insert with screen recording.

9. Multi-language software: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chines, Japanese etc

10. Free lifetime software upgrade

11 Screen Sharing-: Multiple-Screen Share by apps or QR code Minimum 10 users can connect at the same time 4 users can share screen at the same time with device. Users can control by laptop, Mobile, PC, Tab the Interactive Board.


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