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EM 500 KG Single Door Lock



Product Code: OTC2243

The VIANS Electromagnetic lock is using the leading production equipment and packaging technology of the international. Produced the electromagnetic lock is not only higher than similar products by more than 20% of the lock holding force, but also the antioxidant capacity of the surface of magnetic lock is reached the international advanced level. Which are widely used in airports, subways, banks, prisons, intelligent buildings.

  • Suitable for wooden, glass, metal and Fireproof doors
  • Finished in Anodized Aluminum
  • Signal Enable
  • Face mount(large), Single Door Lock
  • Fail-Safe Style (Power On Locking / Power Off Unlocking);
  • No residual magnetism, no mechanical wear, single door
  • Applied to any 90° angle open frame door.
  • LED Indicator

EM 500 KG Single Door Lock Specs:

All series electromagnetic locks include a Five-year warranty and are available in 350lbs, 600lbs,800lbs, and 1200lbs holding force. Compatible with any access control system, all series electromagnetic locks are adaptable to virtually any application utilizing Top Jamb or Glass Door mounting kits. The epoxy-less design provides a superior appearance with a plated or anodized finish on all sides. The interlocking control PCB board mount assembly leaves hands free for wiring and securing of mounting screws.

Size (mm) : 266L x 67W x 39H
Holding Force : Up to 500 kg
Voltage : 12 / 24 VDC +10%
Current Draw : 12 V / 420 mA, 24 V / 210 mA
Surface Temperature : ≤+20°C
Operating Temperature : 10C+55°C (14-131°F)
Suitable Humidity : 0~90% (non-condensing)
Weight : 4.5 Kg

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