Enpac 10 Gallon Universal Spill Kit

Small but mighty, this kit is easy to transport and features plenty of absorbents to tackle smaller spills. The open head drum seals with a plastic lever lock for use outdoors or on vehicles. It is a truly versatile-sized kit that packs quite the spill-cleaning punch.

৳ 16,500


Enpac 10 Gallon Universal Spill Kit Specs:

  • Model: 10/37.86
  • Origin: the USA packing In India
  • Brand: Enpac Corporation
  • Package Includes: 15 pc absorbent pad 50cm x 40cm
  • 2 pc absorbent boom 7.6cm X 120cm
  • 1 pc bag
  • 1 pc rope
  • 1 pair safety goggle Rax-9202
  • 1 pc safety glove


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