EPL153 1.5ton Electric Pallet Truck

EPL153 is a simple, smart, and strong pallet truck. This electric pallet truck has a compact designed structure and easy maintenance. It uses smart lithium technology and it is equipped with an internal charger that can run continuously for four hours with only one charging.

EPL153 electric pallet truck has a smart handle that makes it operated easily, which saves labor compared to a hand pallet truck. Can load 1.5 ton with only 115kg service weight Compact design and high power CURTIS DC controller inside. Purchase this hydraulic trolley supplier in Bangladesh.

৳ 50,000


EPL153 1.5ton Electric Pallet Truck Specs:

.1 Brand EP
1.2 Model No. EPL153Z
1.3 Power Type Battery
1.4 Operate Type Walkie
1.5 Load Capacity Q (kg) 1500
1.6 Load Center c (mm) 600
1.8 Load Length x (mm) 950/880
1.9 Wheelbase y (mm) 1190/1120
2.1 Weight(with battery) kg 115
3.1 Tire Type PU/PU
3.2 Drive Wheel Size Ф210×70
3.3 Load Wheel Size Ф80×60(Ф74×88)
4.4. #N/A h3 (mm) 115
4.9 Handle Height h14 (mm) 750/1190
4.15 Fork Lowered Height h13(mm) 80
4.20. Length to Fork l2 (mm) 1550
4.21 Overall Width b1/ b2 (mm) 560(685)
4.22 Fork Size s/ e/ l (mm) 50/150/1150
4.25 Fork Outer Width b5 (mm) 560(685)
4.34.1 Aisle Width for 1000x1200mm pallet Ast (mm) 1650
4.34.2 Aisle Width for 800x1200mm pallet Ast (mm) 1850
4.35 Turning Radius Wa (mm) 1390
5.1 Travel Speed km/ h 4/4.5
5.2 Lifting Speed m/ s 0.017/0.024
5.3 Lower Speed m/ s 0.09/0.06
5.8 Gradeability % 6/16
5.10. Brake Type Electromagnetic
6.1 Drive Motor Power S2 60min kW 0.75
6.2 Lift Motor Power S3 15% kW 0.5
6.4 Battery Voltage/ Storage V/ Ah 24/20
8.1 Controller Type DC
10.7 Noise Level dB (A) <74

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