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Fingerprint Access Control System (Package-3)



Access Control – 1 nos.

EM Lock – 1 nos.

Bracket – 1 nos.

Push/Release Buttom – 1 nos.

Power Adapter – 1 nos.

বিঃ দ্রঃ আমরা নির্দিষ্ট চার্জের বিনিময়ে ঢাকা এবং ঢাকার বাইরে সকল প্রকার এক্সেস কন্ট্রোল সিস্টেম ইন্সটলেশন সার্ভিস দিয়ে থাকি।

Fingerprint Access Control System Package -3

Zkteco x7 Time Attendance Access Control

  • Zkteco x7 Time Attendance Access Control is one of the innovative biometric fingerprint readers for access control applications.
  • Offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision, and excellent matching speed.
  • It can operate on standalone mode with the interface for third-party electric lock, alarm, door sensor, exit button, and doorbell.
  • Keypad operation is easy and convenient, such as enrolling users, deleting users and accessing control parameter settings, etc.

EM 280-KG Single Magnetic Door Lock

  • Collinear Load Test 280kg, 600pounds
  • Dual Voltage 12 or 24 VDC (optional)
  • The Standard Voltage is 12VDC when Finished
  • MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection
  • Suitable For Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Fireproof Door
  • LED Indicates the Door Status
  • Lock Status sensor (NO/NC/COM)
  • Anti-Residual Magnetism Designed
  • High Strength Material, Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Design without Mechanical Failure
  • Increase the holding Force, Dual Insulative Housing

VIANS 280-Z Electro Magnetic Bracket

  • Special aluminum, firm and durable
  • Special design, suitable for wooden door and metal door
  • It is easy to install and convenient to use
  • It is safe, reliable, and efficient

ZKTeco Metallic Push Button Electrical Door Lock

  • Metal Exit Button
  • 86L×86W×20T(mm)
  • Suitable in all electronics access control keypads
  • Silver aluminum alloy shell
  • Safe and long-lasting
  • Comfortable and eye-catchy
  • 50000 times continuous clicking test
  • Easy to use

Power Adapter 12 Volt 2 Amp

  • 12V DC Power Adapter
  • 2 Amp output
  • 2.1mm DC Plug, Center Positive
  • Compatible with CCTV Cameras/Door Lock/LED strip
  • Also compatible with other 12V DC devices like quad processors
  • Use in the indoor area or within the enclosure for outdoor use

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