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Garrett PD-6500i 33-Zone Metal Detector Gate



The Garrett PD6500i is the walk-through metal detector used in many of the world’s top airports. This model is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). When you need a walk-through security metal detector with the highest level of identification, you need the Garrett PD6500i. Be sure to read our Garrett PD6500i versus Garrett Multizone™ Walk-Through Security Metal Detectors comparison guide.

Garrett PD-6500i 33-Zone Metal Detector Gate Specs:

The Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector utilizes Garrett’s exclusive digital signal processor (DSP) based technology to provide superior target detection coverage on the left, center, and right side of the body from head to toe.

Multi Zone Detection

Unique 33-zone pinpoint detection assures the ultimate in safety, throughput and reliability with preset programs to cover the most complete range of security applications, including the new Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Enhanced Metal Detector System required for all U.S. airports.

Multi-dimensional coil design detects guns, knives and other flat and rod-shaped weapons regardless of archway location. Zone adjustment enables the Garrett PD 6500i maximum detection regardless of environmental challenges. Easy-to view eye-level pacing lights with international “wait” and “proceed” symbols on the entrance side of each panel.

In this video below, produced by our team here at, we cover two Garrett Security metal detectors. We compare the Garrett PD 6500i and the Garrett Multi Zone walk through detectors. Both versions are available with an optional ADA compliant passageway to meet ADA regulatory standards.

Intuitive Detection

Easy operation with backlit LCD and LED bar graphs for continuous online operating status and self-diagnostic reporting.

The following details from the manufacturer, Garrett Metal Detectors, provides additional detail on this model:

Accurate Pinpointing

With more than four times the detection coils of competitive models, the PD 6500i™ provides uniform detection and precise pinpointing. Independent zone indicator lights on both side panels identify not only height but also left, center and right locations for one or more objects passing through the archway.

33 Zones

View a demonstration of the PD 6500i’s 33 pinpoint zones in this video below. Identify multiple target locations precisely from head to toe on the left, center, and right sides of the body.

International Security Standards

PD 6500i™ meets the world’s highest test certifications, including the following international airports: TSA (US airports) | ECAC (European airports) | STAC (French airports) | Aena (Spanish airports) | CJIAC (Japanese airports).

Portable Protection

Garrett PD 6500i shown with optional casters

Fast, easy, versatile security. Equipped with optional casters and battery module, the PD 6500i™ can be rapidly deployed at special events, stadiums, schools, and other large venues.

No wires to deal with. Easy to move to another location with a moment’s notice.

Pictured above: PD 6500i™ shown with optional casters and battery module.

Preview Video of Garrett PD 6500i ™ Walk Through Metal Detector

Garrett PD 6500i ™ Additional Features:

Optimum Performance

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Optimum Performance

More than 20 standard programs for security versatility. Multiple units can be installed as close as 2 inches from each other.

Dual Detection

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Dual Detection

With transmitters and receivers in each panel, the PD 6500i is the equivalent of two detectors in one. By scanning from both sides, the PD 6500i provides superior detection, uniformity and performance.

Directional Counter

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Directional Counter

With four settings for counting, forward, reverse, subtract in reverse, and bi-directional.

Networking Ability

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Networking Ability

Manage walkthroughs individually or as groups and perform statistical analysis via network with the Garrett iC Module.

Multi-Brand Compatibility

Can be added to existing checkpoints without having to replace other brand units. Includes multiple channels and 2,300 selectable operating frequencies.

It meets or exceeds international security standards. This model includes dual detection for comprehensive coverage. Each panel has transmitters and receivers for optimal coverage and detection. Meets international standards such as ECAC requirements and TSA requirements as well as STAC, AENA, CJIAC, DFT requirements. In addition it also meets additional standards and requirements such as USMS, NIJ-0601.02, NILECJ. This model includes Garrett’s unique advanced broadband detection technology. The PD 6500i s requires no need to switch, rewire or adjust the power on this Garrett product as it is fully automatic from 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 Watts. Low voltage solid state switches are included in this model for operating external alarms or control devices. The device is made from a variety of materials including aluminum, and contains detection heads that are shielded from electrical interference sources such as non Garrett walk throughs.

Superior Versatility

Selectable settings designed for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit, loss prevention and many other applications.


All settings are secured with a key lock and two levels of access codes. Further security is accomplished with a cabinet lock which prevents unauthorized access to physical cables, connectors and electronics.

Advanced Broadband Detection Technology

Provides superior target analysis, ferrous and non-ferrous weapons detection, discrimination and higher throughput.

The onboard software offers a superior level of versatility and program functionality. On the large lcd display you can choose from settings on the keypad designed for airports, courts, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit, loss prevention, and many other uses. This walkthrough metal detector comes with built-in traffic pace lights on one side, or optionally on both sides. For traffic control, the lights display universal “wait” and “proceed” symbols. This provides maximum throughput for non alarming persons. A USB port is located inside the device for updating the software.

Pacing Lights

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Pacing Lights

At the entrance display universal “wait” and “proceed” symbols for traffic control.

Internal USB Port

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Internal USB Port

For updating software.

Random Alarm Feature

Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Random Alarm Feature

Provides ability to randomly alarm on a selected percentage of non-alarming persons; adjustable from 0 to 50 percent.


Garrett PD6500i Security Metal Detector Alarms

Audible tone and volume adjustable. Bright LED visual alarm.

Garrett Walk-Through Metal Detector Safety

Garrett walk-through metal detectors meet U.S. and international regulatory requirements for electromagnetic safety. Extensive research has found no information that would indicate Garrett products have adverse effects on pregnancy, medical devices (such as pacemakers) or magnetic recording media. However, directives by physicians and medical device manufacturers regarding metal detectors should be followed.

In many of the world’s top airports, the Garrett PD 6500i is used at security checkpoints approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Garrett’s PD6500i uses Garrett’s digital signal processor (DSP) to provide 33 detection zones to provide pinpoint detection. With its multi-dimensional coil design, the PD6500i detects knives, guns, and other objects in any archway. With 33 Pinpoint Zones, this Garrett metal detector provides unmatched discrimination features and superior pinpoint technology which provides exceptional coverage from head to toe. With over 20 standard programs, it offers turn-on and go simplicity and is designed for Security Application Versatility. It features an adjustable operating frequency. The PD 6500i traffic counter records the number of patrons passing through the detector, the number of alarms and the alarm percentage.

Garrett PD6500i Walk Through Metal Detector Standard Factory Items Included:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Detailed Instruction Manuals
  • Instructional Setup and Operating DVD Video

Why Buy your Garrett PD6500i Walk Through Metal Detector from us?

You can be confident in your purchase from We are one of Garrett’s oldest and largest factory authorized United States dealers. Since 1987, we have represented the full line of Garrett security detectors and accessories. Trusted walk-through metal detectors, hand scanners and thermal imaging products from Garrett are used in schools, government buildings and special events around the world. We offer you expert advice and support on Garrett security metal detectors and accessories. Our factory-trained staff works closely with Garrett to stay up on their latest security products and technology.


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