HF Circuit 50KHz-200MHz Malachite SDR Receiver Malahit SDR Shortwave Radio Receiver

1. 3.5-inch capacitive screen
2. 4-layer board structure, higher performance than two-layer PCB
3. Adopt dual speaker output

– DSP SDR Receiver for Malahit
– Capacitive touch screen
– Flash via USB cable
– Default frequency range: 50KHz-200MHz
– Demodulation mode: AM, SSB, NFM, WFM

৳ 15,000


HF Circuit 50KHz-200MHz Malachite SDR Receiver Malahit SDR Shortwave Radio Receiver Specs:

1) The radio is built on the principle of SDR-the function is determined by loaded software;
2) Frequency range: from 50 kHz to 200 MHz (default version), users can contact the official website to upgrade from 50 kHz to 250 MHz, 400 MHz to 2 GHz;
3) All types of analog modulation: AM, SSB, NFM, WFM;
4) Powerful functions: variable filter width, adaptive noise suppressor, threshold noise suppressor, for Noise Blanker, AGC, equalizer;
5) Use cheap but fully functional chip msi001;
6) The powerful stm32h743 with a clock frequency of 480 MHz is applied;
7) 3.5-inch IPS display touch screen;
8) There is a built-in UHF;
9) Controls: 2pcs; encoders with buttons and touch screen;
10) It is powered by an external TYPE-C (for Huawei mobile phone) interface or battery (battery is not included), which can be charged by TYPE-C.
11) Consumption: 300mA when listening to headphones;
12) The reception on a built-in telescope or external antenna is to improve the HF reception on the telescoping antenna, and an additional board with a source follower has been developed. The board will be built into a standard receiver design.
13) Connect to computer via USB, which can transfer CAT, IQ, and audio.
14) 160 kHz span, with scalability;
15) Sensitivity: Under the condition of up to 250MHz, s/w is 0.3μV = 10dB; due to lack of measurement equipment, so the above measurements were not taken;
16) Due to the characteristics of the msi001 chip used, the dynamic blocking range is about 85dB.
17) With backlight control;
18) SMA female antenna socket;
19) Motherboard size: 100 x 70mm (without the sizes of connectors).

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