Hundure RAC-2200 Fingerprint Reader & Time Attendance System

Hundure RAC-2200 fingerprint reader time attendance system has 128 time zones and schedules, 8 times conditional unlock door schedules, 100 holiday schedules per year, maximum 15000 card/event capacity, built-in RS232 / RS485 interface, optical coupled isolated sensors for alarm and reader tamper, blacklist and 50 sets visitor card, anti-passback and duress card/code setting.

৳ 15,500


Hundure RAC-2200 Fingerprint Reader Time Attendance System Specs:

Time attendance system is more often used by offices, schools, colleges, industries, and other organizations. The machine helps the owner keep automated records of the time an employee enters the workplace and exists. This helps the owner take action against those employees who are doing time theft in work. It has become quite handy for people nowadays. As they can easily keep track of all the entries of people very easily. There are no chances of false attendance as well.

HUNDURE RAC-2200 Fingerprint Reader Time Attendance System will help you to verify the entry of lots of people buys cards, fingerprints, passwords, ID cards, etc. You can also hold records in it which is a lot helpful for your work. Its authentic detection system helps to stop any kind of false attendance at work. Besides. WIFI also supports it. Overall, it’s a very good product.

It has been given high ratings by its users and people have also said positive things about it. You can get this price at a much cheaper and convincing price on our site all over Bangladesh. So, don’t waste time and upgrade your time attendance system by buying this product!

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