ICOM IC-F3003 Walkie Talkie


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Icom Walkie Talkie is an outstanding device, comprehensive radio manufacturer that produces radio communication equipment of all genres, from amateur radios to terrestrial. We sell and repair any type of walkie-talkie as per client demand.

  • Easy to Hear in Noisy Areas
  • Longer Operating Time
  • Weather Resistant, Dust Protection, Military Rugged
  • Internal VOX Capability for Hands-Free Operation
  • Selective Calling, Quiet Stand-by and More
  • Scan Features

Before place an order, you must provide your valid BTRC permission. After that, we received all valid documents we will check and verify from BTRC then import them for you. You must provide us work order with 100% payment. It will take 30-40 working days to get officially your radio. We also provide all legal documents that you can submit to BTRC later. If you want to know about license producers & fees you can visit this link. We will provide a proper guideline, how to apply for a license.

৳ 30,000


ICOM IC-F3003 Walkie Talkie Specs:



Frequency range
(Varies according to version)
136MHz–174MHz 350MHz–400MHz
Number of memory channels 16 channels
Channel spacing
(Varies according to version)
Type of emission 11K0F3E/16K0F3E
Current drain Tx 1.3A
Rx Stand-by 75mA 70mA
Max. audio 330mA (Internal SP)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections are not included)
58×111×31 mm (With BP-264)
58×111×35.5 mm (With BP-265)
Weight 330g (With BP-264)
270g (With BP-265)




RF output power (at 7.2V DC)) 5W, 2W, 1W
(Hi, L2, L1)
4W, 2W, 1W
(Hi, L2, L1)
Spurious emissions 70dB (min.)
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Audio harmonic distortion (W/N) 1.0%/1.5% (typ.)
FM Hum and Noise (W/N) 46dB/40dB (typ.)




Sensitivity at 12dB SINAD 0.25dBμV (typ.)
Adjacent channel selectivity (W/M/N) 78dB/70dB (typ.) 73dB/65dB (typ.)
Spurious response rejection 70dB (min.)
Intermodulation rejection 75dB (typ.) 74dB (typ.)
AF output power
(at 5% distortion )
Internal SP
(With 12Ω load)
800mW (typ.)
External SP
(With 8Ω load)
400mW (typ.)

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications. Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.

Standard MIL-810 F
Method Procedure
Low Pressure Storage 500.4 I
Low Pressure Operation 500.4 II
High Temperature Storage 501.4 I
High Temperature Operation 501.4 II
Low Temperature Storage 502.4 I
Low Temperature Operation 502.4 II
Temperature Shock 503.4 I
Solar Radiation 505.4 I
Rain Blowing 506.4 I
Rain Drip 506.4 III
Humidity Induced 507.4
Salt Fog 509.4
Dust Blowing 510.4 I
Vibration 514.5 I
Shock Functional 516.5 I
Shock Transit Drop 516.5 IV

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