IKE TC200-416 16 Line Intercom PABX System

It’s a PABX system with a 16 line apartment intercom mechanism. It is built-in 2 TNT lines and 16 extension lines that go out to connect 16 individual phones. The built-in materials are a grey and white combination. You may use this PABX machine for a small apartment or at a place where no need to connect more than 16 lines at a time. Call us at 01719300940 to know more or place your order. We provide 100% genuine products.

৳ 8,890



IKE TC200-416 16 Line Intercom PABX System Specs:

PABX system TC200-416 apartment intercom has 16 extension lines, 2 TNT lines, auto- extension number display, boss/secretary call, caller ID intercom, call forwarding, call pickup remotely, conversation interrupt and break, 3rd party conference call.

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