INFILINK MC-38 Wire Door Sensor

The magnetic reed switch is consists of a switch and a magnet, and the switch parts are made of a reed switch and the pigtail. The magnet is coved by the plastic or alloy shell. When the switch and the magnet are apart from or close to each other in a certain range, the switch will turn on or off automatically, thus it will inform the installed items’ place changing.

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INFILINK MC-38 Wire Door Sensor Specs:

Model MC-38
Contact Type NO (Normally Open)
Actuation Distance 15-25mm
Max. Current 0.5A
Max. Power 10W
Working Voltage DC100V
Each Size(Approx) 27.8 x 14 x 8mm / 1.09 x 0.55 x 0.31-inch (L*W*H)
Mounting Hole Diameter 4mm/0.16-inch
Material ABS (Housing)
Net Weight 16g

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