ITC Conference Host TS-W100

ITC Conference Host TS-W100 is 2.4GHz and 5GHz communication frequency range, which has stronger anti-interference capability and provides bigger bandwidth and transmission speed. And it is free from the interference of mobile telephone and other bluetooth equipment to ensure the best signal reception. It is widely used in round & square table conference room, multi-function hall, banquet hall, reporting hall, etc..

৳ 226,000


TS-W100 Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller

  • It adopts 2.4GHz and 5GHz communication frequency band, which has stronger anti-jamming capability and provides bigger bandwidth and transmission speed. And it is free from the interference of mobile telephone and other Bluetooth equipment to ensure the best signal reception.
  • It adopts 128 bits encryption technique, supporting WPA/WPA2 WIFI security technology in case of being intercepted and non-authorized visiting to improve higher confidentiality of the conference system.
  • It is built in high-performance dual CPU processor with super strong processing capacity. Meanwhile, it supports WIFI conference system and full digital conference system.
  • This WIFI conference system supports 4096 delegate units at most, among which maximum 300 units from WIFI conference system. You can turn on maximum 8 microphones at the same time, among which maximum 6 microphones from WIFI conference system.
  • It adopts original digital processing and transmission technology with 48K samplingfrequency and 20Hz~20KHz bandwidth non-compressing audio transmission, adoptingCat-5 shielded cable to ensure long distance transmission and to provide perfect soundquality.
  • With WIFI network interface, it can connect with POE network switch to enlarge WIFI AP qty and to provide huger WIFI coverage area.It is with manual and automatic edited ID function for quickly and easily arranging meeting place. It supports Chinese-English language interface switchover.
  •  You can check the battery level of the WIFI units and signal status from PC software.
  • All the WIFI units have the function of one-key shutdown.
  • It supports simultaneous interpretation function with maximum 63+1 wired simultaneous interpretation.
  • It is built in high-performance DSP processor with stereo audio ADC and DAC, supporting 8 kHz and 96 kHz sampling frequency and digital volume control with 28/56 bits core and 50 MIPS digital audio processor. Input and output audio volumes are adjustable, supporting balance function, multi-band frequency compression, amplitude limiting and noise elimination, providing better sound quality test. You can control audio settings by PC software.
  • It supports PC software unified management system and fault analysis, adopting TCP/IP network protocol to ensure system reliability and stability, supporting independent operating when system is out of PC software.
  • It is with fire alarm link trigger interface, providing fire alarm signal to remind people the emergency evacuation in the first time to ensure personnel security.
  • It supports PELCO-D and VISCA camera control protocols, working with HD camera tracking controller to realize automatic camera tracking.
  • Four microphone management modes: FIFO/NORMAL/ VOICE/APPLY
  • It supports RCA, XLR audio input and output, adopting 3 PIN XLR balanced audio line to improve system anti-interference capacity.
  • Compatible IEC 60914 and GBT 15381-94 standards.
  • It is with recording function.
  • It is with 2×25W amplifier.
  • Modes of operation: Over-ride mode, Push-to-talk mode, Voice activation mode, Chairman’s Priority mode
  • Volume Control for the delegate’s built-in loud speaker: control from main controller
Product ModelTS-W100
Main Power Supply90~132VAC/180~264VAC by switch
Output Loading>1KΩ
Dynamic Range>80 dB
SNR>85 dB(A)
RecordingInterface with MP3/recording function
Channel QtyMaximum 64CH
Audio OutputLINE OUT 1: 1V Balance; LINE OUT 2: 1V Un-balance
Connection MethodProfessional 6-core cable
Amplifier Power2×25W(4Ω BTL)
Output Consumption320W
Connector ReliabilityReliable
Follow StandardIEC60914
RJ45 Internet AccessConnecting with computer
Audio InputLINE IN 1: 350mV Balance; LINE IN 2: 350mV Un-balance
Quiescent Dissipation30W
Installation Method19 inch standard cabinet
WeightAbout 3Kg
Touch Screen Control4.3 inch TFT color touch screen control
Microphone Capacity≤4096
Operating Humidity20%~80% relative humidity, no moisture condensation
Frequency Response20 ~ 20KHz
Working Temperature-10℃~+60℃

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