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ITC TS-8308 Paperless Media Server



Product Code: OTC2381

Paperless Intelligent streaming media server is used in dealing with synchronization and synchronization of HD video input and output, which realize paperless conference system seamless joint with another video device. It can help conference organizers greatly reduce the work pressure, easy to conduct on-site control of the meeting, improving the efficiency of the participant’s meeting, meanwhile, saving a lot of printing costs and projection equipment, in full compliance with low carbon, environmental philosophy.

ITC TS-8308 Paperless Media Server Server Specs:

  • Standard cabinet design (2U), embedded HD, SD video signal processing module, synchronous, asynchronous processing of video signal input, and output.
  • Support HDMI, VGA signal input, an external signal can broadcast a real-time screen to all-conference terminals and synchronously display through this interface.
  • Support HDMI, DVI signal output, any of the conference terminal images can output to the main screen or other video signal display device through this interface.
  • Support signal format automatic conversion function, it can convert the network data signal into the digital signal, or automatically convert the digital signal into network signal.
  • Support synchronization with the venue signal tracking function. When the venue has a synchronization signal, it will keep real-time tracking and synchronously output to the output interface; when the venue doesn’t have a synchronization signal, there is no image output from the output interface.
Product Model TS-8308
Power Consumption 19V DC/120W
CPU I5-4460
RAM 4G DDR3 1600
Operating System Windows7
Weight 4.0Kg
Network Card Gigabit Ethernet network interface
Working Environment Environment temperature:5℃~40℃; relative humidity:≥75%
Colour Black
Dimension(mm) 484(L)×88(W)×301(H)
Hard Disk 64G BIWIN


Product List:

(A) TS-8300   Paperless Conference System
(B)TS-8401A  Intelligent 15 degree lifter
(C)TS-8308   Paperless Intelligent Streaming Media Server
(D)TS-8201   Ultra-thin 15.6-inch Paperless Capacitive LCD Screen Lift

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