ITC Paperless Control Server TS-8300


The paperless conference  system provides powerful conference application functions, including: conference information uploading,document distribution, reading, document notification, conference attendance, voting, electronic whiteboard, interactive document transmission, video interactive transmission, conference communication, message notification, conference service, conference records, and etc.
It can help conference organizers greatly reduce the work pressure, easy to conduct on-site
control of the meeting, improving the efficiency of the participants meeting, meanwhile, saving a lot of printing costs and projection equipment, in full compliance with low carbon, environmental philosophy.


Paperless conference control host is responsible for handling the conference function module, conference theme, participant information, conference topics, voting content and other pre-conference information, with the meeting file information upload and share, personnel rights management settings, conference information Real-time recording and other application functions.

  • Multi-conference room management: support to add multiple conference rooms, and corresponding to add different terminals to support the terminal for a single or multiple simultaneous elevator control, switch control.
  • User management: add, import, modify, delete users, to support the user grouping.
  • Nameplate settings: edit the nameplate display.
  • Simulation of qualifying: to support the pre-simulation conference room to qualify the participants, and export ranking map.
  • File management: upload, import files, support file settings view permissions, if the participants do not have permission to view, the terminal will automatically block the display of this file.
  • Vote management: to add and control the meeting to vote, to support the vote to view and export, to support the vote to set the right to participate, if the participants do not have permission to participate in the terminal will automatically shield the display of this vote.
  • Problem Management: Add, edit meeting topics, and enable switching on different topics.
  • Conference services: timely reception of conference services and information processing.
  • Check-in management: the meeting check the situation to monitor the management.
  • Conference exchange: the system can be notified or with a single or multiple participants to exchange meetings.
  • Centralized control: the meeting can be welcome to the terminal page, meeting information, display names, conference slogans and other screen switching, while supporting unified elevator control, unified switching machine.
  • Support screen sharing, any terminal can share it’s screen to other terminals.
  • Support hand write check-in function.
  • Support voting function.
  • Support various of file formats, including doc/docx/xls/xlsx/ppt/pptx/pdf/html/htm, etc.
  • Support to play video, video quality is HD and fluency.
  • Support interactive electronic whiteboard, to realize collaborative meeting discussing.
  • Support to preset multi meeting templates to realize fast starting meeting.
  • Support multi-level privilege management, including meeting secretary and administrator.
  • Support multi meeting room control and management.
  • Support to rise, down, turn on, turn off single or multiple terminals, easy operation.
  • High confidentiality, data will be automatically deleted after meeting.
  • Compatible with various kinds of data formats and office OA software.
  • Strong stability, server base is developed based on C++.
  • Realize orderly management before, during and after meeting.

Product List
(A)TS-8300   Paperless Conference System
(B)TS-8401A  Intelligent 15 degree lifter
(C)TS-8308   Paperless Intelligent Streaming Media Server
(D)TS-8201   Ultra-thin 15.6-inch Paperless Capacitive LCD Screen Lift


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