ITC T-530B Shirt Set Microphone Receiver

  • ITC T-530B Shirt Set Microphone adopts international standard EIA 1/2 width and 1U high metal chassis, which can be mounted directly to the rack.
  • The use of ultra-high frequency UHF true diversity reception and multi-channel digital phase-locked loop DPLL frequency synthesis technology;
  • Provide 640-665M Hz and 100 frequencies 740-765MHz two each. Single-channel true diversity reception, avoid off-frequency phenomena, and prolong the receiving distance.
  • ITC T-530B Microphone amplifier has the super anti-jamming capability, can effectively suppress the noise caused by external interference and co-channel interference.
  • LCD display window, channel, frequency, RF signal strength, antenna selection information action, AF audio output intensity, dynamic sweep.
  • With infrared frequency transmitter frequency locked automatically synchronize ACT function.
  • Rear receiving antenna separation design, true diversity dual antenna diversity receiver and the sound code, noise lock dual mute circuit, receiver distance, easily dropped.
  • Internal SQ can increase receiver sensitivity adjustment to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the receiving distance in order to avoid noise interference.
  • The ITC T-530B Microphone receiver can be an external directional gain antenna system for increasing the reception distance and stable reception; the ideal state can be up to about 200 meters.

৳ 24,000



ITC T-530B Shirt Set Microphone Specs:

Technical specifications


Frequency range

UHF740-830 Mhz total of two segments

Modulation Mode

Bandwidth FM

Channels Number


Adjustable range


Channel spacing


Frequency stability

± 0.005% or less

Dynamic range


The maximum deviation

± 45KHZ

Audio response

80HZ-18KHZ (± 3dB)

Integrated SNR

> 105dB

Integrated distortion


Working distance

100 meters

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