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ITC T-60 Mixer Amplifier



Product Code: OTC2422

  • The basic public address mixer-amplifier. It is featured of 3 microphone inputs, 2 aux inputs and 1 EMC input.
  • Priority muting is achieved via EMC for overriding other inputs except Mic1 on front panel.
  • Individual gain controls are provided for Mic 1-3 and Aux 1-2, bass and treble controls and master volume control are provided for overall tone control. 70V, 100V and low impedance 4-16 ohms speaker outputs are provided. Extensive protection from short-circuit, overload andhigh temp.

ITC T-60 Mixer Amplifier Specs:

* Mixer amplifier for paging and background music system
* Rated power 60W
* 2U rack mount
* 70V, 100V, and low impedance 4-16ohm speaker output
* Three Mic inputs by phone jack type
* Mic 1 with VOX priority and VOX level on the front panel
* Mic 2-3 by phone jack on the rear panel
* Two Aux Inputs and 2 line inputs for spare use
* One EMC priority input
* EMC has priority over all inputs except MIC1
* Mic 1-3, Aux 1-2 and master volume controls and bass/treble tone control
* Short circuit, overload, and high temp protection

Technical data

Power Supply 220-240V
Rated Power Output 60W
Outputs 4Ω, 70V, 100V, and COM
Frequency Response 50Hz – 15 kHz
THD less than 1%
 S/N MIC:66dB; AUX:80dB
Dimensions 19”/2U
Weight 12 kg

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