ITC T-6700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Controller

  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7 operation system
  • Full-duplex communication system software
  • Compatible of network audio system and intercom two systems
  • Standard TCP/IP communication protocol for industrial applications
  • Parameters set up center and administrator management center
  • Built-in decoder to transfer analog signal through the sound card into digital
  • Head of the network audio system
  • Collect and deliver sound over the internet
  • A built-in weekly timer to program over music or sound files to automatically broadcast to the designated zone at pre-set time
  • Built-in system status display to surveillance each unit is working conditions
  • Direct manual selected priority music broadcast or zone paging
  • License code registration software
  • Password protection to change configuration and log in
  • Remote set up and easy maintenance
  • Support more than 1,00 tasks transmitted simultaneously
  • Nine priority levels for different users
  • A customized-mapped connection diagram is available
  • Easy to inter-work with third-party system like CCTV, door access system, and home automation system

৳ 75,000


ITC T-6700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Controller Specs:

  • Broadcast system management and control software, which is installed in the broadcast control center or computer. It is a comprehensive management platform for data exchange, system operation, and functional operation.
  • Software is the core of the whole system, support all terminals and the basic parameters configuration, responsible for audio-on-demand service, task processing, and terminal management and authority
  • management functions.
  • Manage program resources, provide timing broadcast and real-time media services for all terminals, respond to the request of each terminal program broadcast, to provide data interface services for the audio
  • workstations.
  • Support up to 1000 unicast tasks or program transmission, support for multiple servers distributed deployment and server clusters.
  • Support customize the terminal name, unlimited sectionalization, unlimited timed task, and unlimited timed grouping supports the unlimited audio collection and timed playing, one key to calling and playing.
  • Supports control management of multiple users and different level, support unlimited monitoring terminal, multitasking real-time monitor, support unlimited environment monitoring function, program library support
  • and unlimited file folder management.
  • Built-in collection sign-in of security patrol function, Support affiliated terminal management functions, support the meeting schedule function, support intelligent recognition of task reentry, geometric ratio lower code rate.
  • Support program timed offline play tasks, support the remote manual, intelligent control terminal power supply.
  • Support WIFI on-demand and on-demand of the remote broadcast terminal.
  • Support unattended work all day, data protection without power supply, support automatic discovery and bind terminal, support customize heart data, support online and offline remind, support bubble popup window.
  • Support for embedded development of the third-party platform, provide standard MFC dynamic link library, realizing platform to integrate with other systems (such as building visit system, monitor video systems, etc.)
  • Support arbitrary monomer, group calls, play music, timing, chime function, support the remote wireless remote control, and support the intelligent combination keys, support the remote volume control, broadcasting,
  • select function.
  • Support automatic starting function without login in and logout does affect the function such as chime run regularly. Support the background sound recording, supports remote storage, support the intelligent recognition of start recording.
  • Supports digital audio intelligent identification, automatic coding, support the damaged file identification, professional studio management software, support the temporary task to save and edit again.
  • Support customize shortcuts of terminal partition, maximum support more than five task.
  • Support virtual terminal access, support portable mobile client operation.
  • Support integrated fire district, partitions, fire support N + N mode, support manual alarm and digital alarm mixing
  • Support unified management of terminal password and support authorization management scope, 10 levels priority management easy automatic authorization.
  • Support PSTN broadcast, the built-in voice in Chinese, support telephone, fixed telephone, ocean phone broadcasting, compatible with access to the global telecommunications system.
  • Support text and voice broadcast, mobile or Unicom specified number or public number to send a message.
  • Support task management, session management, hardware management, user management, authorization management, media management, network adaptive management.
  • Support full range query log, filter, retrieval and output, startup, play, terminal management, control, up and down the line, timing, trigger, fire control, call, intercom, for help, alarm, remote control, torn down.
  • Adopt standard selected installed modules, the software has system server software, relay server software, remote client software, broadcast client software, fire alarm software, wireless remote control software and
  • phone radio software, etc; Support customer customizes the installation, to achieve maximum reduction the resource usage of the system and improving the efficiency of the system, It is the most flexible radio software in the industry.
  • Adopts the background system service, it is the enterprise standard server work mode, the system can run automatically when it turns on, Comparing with software run in the interface, the software has higher stability and reliability.
  • Windows service mode, support Win98 ~ Win8.1 system platform, built-in seven system services, and supporting system watchdog.
  • The system is compatible with the gateway, Modem and routers, switches, and Bridges Internet, 2G, 3 G, 4G, multicast and unicast network structure.

Remark: one license code only for one computer use.

  • Administrator Software Window
  • System Configuration and parameter setting
  • Sub-control Software Window
  • Limited control only to its designated area
  • Forward Server Configuration Window
  • Connect the communication between PC server and network audio adapters
  • Client Software Window
  • Simple operation software for end-user like emergency broadcasting and background music broadcasting
  • Remote Wireless Control Configuration Window
  • Use to configure the communication from remote control to PC server
  • Virtual Network Phone Configuration Window
  • Use to configure sound card microphone into network phone
  • Voice Alarm Software Configuration Window
  • Interface for communication between network audio system and voice alarm system

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