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ITC T-67350 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter



IP network Amplifier with built-in 350W amplifier

> Directly receives streaming audio via the Internet and transmits to 70V, 100V, and low impedance speakers

> Completely integrates with almost any existing TCPIP network

> Extremely cost-effective network audio solution for multiple speaker applications

> 5″ LCD screen on the front panel for clear and simple operation

> Zone capabilities include: one unit set as one zone or multiple units set as one zone

> One Aux input and one local microphone input, both with volume control

> Configurable remotely over IP – Volume control, IP address, local program selection etc.

> Voice evacuation system with higher priority and local input with secondary priority

> Local input and program source priority fully customizable

ITC T-67350 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter Specs:

Power Output 350W
Speaker Output 70V, 100V & 4-16ohms
Network Input Standard RJ45
Protocol Support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP
Audio Formats MP3/MP2
Sampling Rate 8K~48KHz
Bit Rate 8K~512Kbps
Transmit Speed 10Mbps
Audio Format 16 digit stereo CD-level
Frequency Response 60-18KHz(+1dB, -3dB)
THD THD ≤ 0.1%
S/N Ratio ≥65dB
Aux Input 350mV
Mic Input 10mV
EMC input 775mV
Power Consumption 90W
Standby Power Consumption <3W
Protection High temp, overload and short-circuit
Working temp 5 ℃~40℃
Humidity 20%~80%
Power Supply ~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Dimensions 484x303x88mm

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