ITC T-7701 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter


Product Code: OTC2371

  • Operate a 30,000sqm factory
  • 15 years of audiovisual experience
  • Integrating research, production, sales, and service
  • 10 major product series and 1,000+ models
  • ITC T-7701 adapter supports OEM & ODM service

৳ 58,000


ITC T-7701 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter Specs:

Frequency response 20Hz~20KHz
Bass boost, attenuation ± 10dB
Treble boost, attenuation ± 10dB
MIC Input Sensitivity 5mV (Unbalance)
AUX Input Sensitivity 350mV (Unbalance)
EMC Input Sensitivity 775mV (Unbalance)
Sampling Frequency 8K~48KHz
Bit rate 8K~512Kbps
Audio Format MP3/MP2
Audio Mode 16 digit stereo CD-level
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(Multicast)
Network Input RJ45
Transmission Speed 100Mbps
S/N Ratio ≥65dB
Environmental Temperature 5℃~40℃
Environment Humidity 20%~80% Relative humidity, without condensation
Power Supply ~220-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 484×303×88mm
Weight 5.2Kg
AUX output impedance 470Ω
Power Consumption 10W
AUX output amplitude 1000mV 2 road lotus output interface

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