ITC TS-8304 Conference Terminal

Product Code: OTC2385

TS-8304, the multimedia conference terminal works to process meeting file transmission and distribution, meeting file reading and file annotating, signing in of the participants, voting, electronic whiteboard, electronic nameplate, communication between participants, video signal interconnection, meeting management and control, screen broadcast, etc. It is applicable to all kinds of high-end meeting places, like government meeting rooms, business conference rooms, meeting rooms of enterprises, etc.

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ITC TS-8304 Conference Terminal Specs:

  • Support multiple document formats, including doc/ docx/xls/xlsx/ppt/pptx/pdf/html/htm;
  • Support reading USB, the participant can read the files in USB,  upload and share the file to other participants;
  • Support single electronic whiteboard or several users share the same whiteboard;
  • Support communication between one participant or several participants at the same time;
  • Support handwriting annotation to any page, recording and uploading the annotations to system server;
  • Support screen share freely, each participant can broadcast his/her local screen to other participants;
  • Support asynchronous browsing, the participant can quit the broadcast screen to view the local files;
  • Support Windows mode, the participant can switch the conference terminal to common PC;
  • Support asking meeting service, including asking for tea, pen, paper or other custom service;
  • Support web browsing and visiting OA, mailbox, etc;
  • Support meeting minute, the participant can take the meeting minute in any time, record and upload it to system server;
  • Support signing in management, the chairman can start signing in and control the signing in, check the current signing in status;
  • Support meeting topic management, the chairman can switch the meeting topic freely;
  • Support voting management, the chairman can start, end a voting, and check the voting result;
  • Support signal management, the chairman can broadcast the local screen of any participant to all participants, and end the shared screen of any participant;
  • Support centralized control, the chairman can control to display the welcome page, meeting information, participant name, meeting slogan, and support unified control of the lifter and terminals on/off.
Product Model TS-8304
Dimensions(mm) 197.5(L)×185(W)×45(H)
Memory 4GB DDR3 RAM
Network Card Gigabit network port
Standard Port 1×DC_IN, 1×HDMI, 1×RJ45, 1×VGA, 2×USB2.0
Hard Drive Capacity 32GB SSD
, 2×USB3.0, 1×HP_OUT, 1×MIC_IN
Operation System Windows10
Working Environment Temperature: -10℃~50℃;relative humidity: 0% ~ 95%
Weight 1.5Kg
Power Consumption 12V DC/24W
Color Black
CPU Dual-core 1.8GHz

Product List:

(A)TS-8300   Paperless Conference System
(B)TS-8401A  Intelligent 15 degree lifter
(C)TS-8308   Paperless Intelligent Streaming Media Server
(D)TS-8201   Ultra-thin 15.6-inch Paperless Capacitive LCD Screen Lift

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