ITC TS-8401A Intelligent 15 degree lifter


Paperless ultra thin 15.6 inch capacitive LCD lifter, adopt aluminum alloy grinding thin shell, the silver fine texture feels fine, the overall appearance show contracted and modern beauty; intelligent 15 degree angle of elevation, more suitable to the ideal visual Angle; fully functional software, simple interface level, smooth operation, is one of best choice for all kinds of high-end meeting places, as well as the important affairs, business, enterprises and institutions, big events venue.


TS-8401A Intelligent 15 degree lifter

  • Document review: support multi format documents, include common format: doc/ docx/xls/xlsx/ppt/pptx/pdf/html/htm and so on.
  • Load USB disk: through the USB, review the documents or upload and share with other attendees.
  • Electronic whiteboard: support single whiteboard or multi attendees share with one board at the same time.
  • Conference communication: support timely communication with one or multi attendees.
  • Handwritten remark: handwriting remark on any pages, save remarks and upload to server,convenient for files after meeting.
  • Screen broadcast: support free screen sharing, any attendee can share his local pages with otherattendees by screen broadcasting.
  • Asynchronous browsing: attendees can asynchronous browse, exit the broad cast page and review  local documents.
  • Windows mode: Switch the paperless terminals as normal computer usages.
  • Conference service: calling services during meeting, for example: Tea, Pen, Paper and so on, can custom input service requirements
  • Web Browsing: support browse Ethernet network, visit OA, mailbox and so on.
  • Conference record: make notes at any time during meeting, save and upload to server.
  • Sign in management: start the sign-in or unify sign-in control, and view the current status.
  • Topic management: switch freely and enabled for different topics.
  • Voting management: Chairman can start, conclude the voting, review statistical results.
  • Signal management: Chairman can broadcast anyone’s local screen image to all attendees, or conclude the sharing image of any attendee.
  • Central control: Chairman can control welcome page, conference information, display name, conference slogan on the terminals during meeting, support lift up/down, on/off uniformly.


  • The LCD panel can be open and unfold automatically, ultra-thin screen design, delicate and beautiful appearance, reveal the fuselage super modern aesthetic feeling.
  • Electric control, with 15 degree angle of elevation, achieves the best effect of perspective, flexible use, high stability, good anti-seismic property.
  • 15.6 inch ultra thin touch LCD monitor, High resolution image digital LCD screen, display effect is clear and bright, can adjust the backlight, to prevent too light or too dark cause fatigue.
  • Low power consumption design, small heat, excellent heat dispersion, support standby dormancy etc. power saving mode.
  • Exquisite surface treatment process, good appearance and hand feeling are both good, mechanical structure design is very stable and reliable, mean free error time is long.
  • Pure network architecture, system wiring is simple, very convenient for debugging maintenance.
  • It can realize the remote control, remote diagnosis, automatic updates and upgrades.It can use single and centralized control.
Product ModelTS-8401A
Lifting AngleIntelligent 15 degree
Lifting Time21.5S
Lifting Touch Mode/TimeTouch-tone or software control/ 10000 times
Working EnvironmentEnvironment temperature 5℃~40℃, Relative
Power ConsumptionAC~220V/50Hz/40W
Touch points/ Induction Strength10 points/<10g
LCD Resolution1920×1080P
Touch Technology/Surface rigidityCapacitive/ 7 level
LCD Size388×245×9mm
Touch response Time5ms
ProcessorINTEL 1037U/dual core /1.8G
Operation SystemWindows 10
View AngleHorizontal viewing angle:0~170, vertical viewing
Screen Size15.6 inch IPS Retinal HD screen
Screen Ratio16:9
Network CardGigabit LAN
Hard DiskSSD 64G
Input Interface1×GigE Vision,1×485 uplink interface, 1×USB
Memory4G DDR3

Product List
(A)TS-8300   Paperless Conference System
(B)TS-8401A  Intelligent 15 degree lifter
(C)TS-8308   Paperless Intelligent Streaming Media Server
(D)TS-8201   Ultra-thin 15.6-inch Paperless Capacitive LCD Screen Lift


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