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ITC TS-W101A Conference Delegate Unit



  • The wireless conference system is composed of a wireless controller host, desktop wireless.
  • 5G wireless communication frequency band, with stronger bandwidth and communication speed
  • 4 meeting modes: FIFO; NORMAL; VOICE; APPLY
  • Support manual/auto ID setting
  • Support 300 PCS wireless microphone and 4096 wired microphone by adding extension device
  • Support USB recording and playback
  • Built-in 2*25W amplifier
  • 8ms ultra-low delay, support 6 wireless, and 8 wired microphones open simultaneously
  • Support PC software control and management
  • Support fire linkage, tea notice function
  • Adopt 128 bits AES encryption technology

ITC TS-W101A Conference Delegate Unit Specs:

  • A microphone with a 48KHz sampling rate is with better sound quality than CD’s, which is clear and bright. With DSP audio processing inside, no “puff” low-frequency impact.
  • With speaking time setting and timing speaking function.
  • The representative has the function of making an application and the chairman may approve the applicant’s statement.
  • With the voice control function, you can adjust the voice sensitivity, smart open the microphone, and set the closing time.
  • With 5 EQ adjustment functions (adjustable PC software input password), it can be adjusted the different sound effects according to the speaker’s voice characteristics, to a perfect effect.
  • Support voting, election, and rating function. The Chairman unit has the function of launching a vote, and sign. Also, achieve the data statistics without the PC.
  • Support user-defined voting, flexibly, and conveniently.
  • Uses 128-bit AES encryption technology, supports WPA / WPA2 wireless security technology, to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access, providing a higher conference system confidentiality.
  • Using wireless transmission technology, you can carry out venue activities with only very few venue layout time needed.
  • The chairman unit has the priority function and can close all working delegate units.
  • With an internal feedback suppression function, it can effectively prevent the whistle.
  • With a 4.3-inch color screen, the microphone on / off, ID settings, power, signal strength, and a lot of other information can be displayed on it.
  • With a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and built-in speaker, and have a volume adjustment function.
  • Built-in 18650 lithium battery, similar to Panasonic’s, battery capacity to support 12 hours of continuous speech or 18 hours of static standby.
  • Advanced power-saving technology, can automatically switch power-saving mode;
  • Built-in dual antenna, greatly enhance the efficiency of WIFI network transmission;
  • Support USB port to upgrade the program and online charging.
  • Volume Control for the delegate’s built-in loudspeaker: control from the main controller
Product Model TS-W101/TS-W101A
Maximum SPL 100dB(THD>3%)
Check-in Function Press the key to sign in
Headphone Load >16Ω
Headphone Volume Maximum 40mW
Headphone Interface 3.5mm mono jack
Power supply Battery-powered
Sign Alto Noise Ratio >80dB(A)
Maximum Power Consumption 4W
Microphone Input Impedance 1KΩ
Color gray
Follow The Specification IEC60914
Sensitivity -46dBV/Pa
Dynamic Range >80dB
Battery Capacity 12936Amh
Microphone Type Heart-oriented directional electret
Size(mm) 196(L)×134(W)×63(H)
Display Screen 4.3inchcolorscreen
Installation Method Desktop style
Voting Function Five-button election, three-button vote, a customized vote
Radio Frequency Range 5GHz
Charging Time 3 hours
Frequency Response 80Hz~20KHz
Cross Talk >70dB
Standby Mode Work Duration 24 hours
Mixed Mode Working Hours 1 4 hours
Speech Mode Work Duration 1 5 hours
THD <0.1%
Modes of operation Over-ride mode, Push-to-talk mode, Voice activation mode, Chairman’s Priority mode
Frequency Range 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Weight About0.7Kg


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