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JimiIoT JC170 DMS Camera for Car


The JC170 is a compact DMS camera that can be used as a standalone device or in conjunction with other dashcams or trackers to meet your evolving business needs. By using multiple algorithms, it monitors driver attentiveness and warns the driver with audible alerts if any sign of fatigue or distraction behind the wheel is detected. If your existing video device lacks a DMS function, the JC170 will be a good option. Or if you would like to track your vehicle as well, you can connect the JC170 to a Jimi dashcam or tracker to extend the functionality. This mini camera delivers a variety of features that are suitable for various monitoring scenarios, regardless of whether the vehicle is carrying hazardous materials, passengers, or packages.

JimiIoT JC170 DMS Camera for Car Specs:

Fatigue and Distracted Driving Detection

The DMS camera, with up to 7 algorithms embedded, is capable of detecting fatigue and distracted driving practices, such as phone use, yawning, smoking, and droopy eyes, as well as the exception of the driver not in position and emits an audible warning to remind the driver to stay vigilant in real-time. This is especially important when your fleet is responsible for transporting hazardous chemicals or passengers where any incident may lead to tragedy or money loss and helpful in improving compliance if your local government has rules and regulations on driver fatigue.-in DMS Algorithm

When working with another device, such as GT06N or the main unit of JC400, the DMS camera will not affect the performance of the another device while running the DMS algorithm to align the driver face, as the algorithm is built in on the device, which means the CPU of the master device remains unaffected and both devices are able to run in their optimal states.

Superb Night Vision

The driver monitoring camera is equipped with 2 IR-940 LEDs to ensure that images captured at night are clear without dazzling the driver (infrared LEDs are invisible to human eye) as well as a video-out port to allow you to retrieve the saved video clips to an external storage device.lexible Installation

The camera can be installed via the double-sided tape either on the dashboard or on the windshield near the A pillar. It can be used together with a tracker or dashcam if network connectivity is a must for your business or used as a standalone device that obtains power from the vehicle cigar socket. Either way, data about your driver’s attentiveness and alertness behind the wheel will be recorded and saved for evidentiary support and driver coaching.

Alert in Multiple Languages

When the A-powered driving monitoring camera detects any driver attentiveness or alertness events, it will warn the driver with beeps or programmable voice recordings in the preset language that is customizable to your specific needs. English and Chinese are readily available and for the customization of another language please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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