JKDM-200 6 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

JKDC JKDM-200 walk through metal detector has 6 zones, 0~99 metal detector sensitivity mode, two LED alarm light, LCD screen panel

৳ 70,500


Product Code: OTC2260

Walkthrough metal detector door widely used JKDM-200 has built-in electromagnetic fields, six interlaced detection regions of the same high with the body and combining, LED alarm light on column – displaying the area of metal detected accurately, four pairs of infrared emission and the receiver to prevent detection blind spot, 100% ferrous and non-ferrous metal detect, aluminum alloy binding tape – up to 99% non-condensing, microprocessor digital control technology – anti-interference ability, 100 adjustable sensitivity – in accordance with the requirements in the 0-99 arbit


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