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JWM WM-5000 L4D 4G Real Time Guard Tour System



Product Code: OTC2522

Voice task broadcast function, after reading the checkpoint, WM5000L4D will timely voice remind the guard of the work content at the current location. Patrolling data will be automatically sent to the management center in real-time, it is convenient for managers to manage and improve management efficiency.

JWM WM-5000 L4D 4G Real-Time Guard Tour System Specs:

  • Consists of: 1pc RFID 4G voice prompt patrol reader (You can install SIM7100A or SIM7100E into it)
    1pc USB cable
  • 10pcs 125khz checkpoints
  • 2pcs 125khz staff tags with steel ring
  • 1pc holster


With this 4G real-time guard tour reader, data can be transmitted at any time, and it can be widely used in schools, hospitals, warehouses, banks, malls, or factories.


  • Support both USB and GPRS(4G), data transmission by GPRS is faster than 3G ones.
  • The alarm clock can be set in our cloud software.
  • SOS button design, man down function can be customized with extra fee, no need to worry about the safety of staff.
  • Voice call function.


  • Storage capacity: 60000 records
  • Battery: 3.7V Lithium
  • Battery Capacity: 3400mAh. 4 days using for one charge.
  • Fast charging, it takes only 2 hours to be fully charged.
  • Reading distance: about 2.5-3cm
  • Size of OLED screen: 0.96Inch. Words on a screen can be easily seen under strong sunshine.
  • Prompt: Voice and vibration prompt, the status of the device can be seen on the screen directly.


  • High download speed by USB cable to the computer, 12000 records per minute;
  • Install SIM7100A or SIM7100E card into it, data can be transmitted via GPRS at any time.


To meet different customer’s needs, our guard tour system can be customized for an extra fee. The customization we can make for you including a logo printed on the wand, shown on display and cloud software. But if you want to modify the language of the software, we need to send you a CD.

2. Operation of cloud software is very simple, besides the English manual, we also supply video on the website. We can send a link to you when you need it.
3. Software support all windows system (32bit & 64 bit), including Windows XP; NOT support Apple MAC system.

  • Brand Name: JWM 
  • Model Number: WM-5000L4D
  • Color: Orange
  • Communication: 4G GPRS+USB
  • Prompt: Voice and Vibration
  • Function: Phone Call
  • Capacity: 60000 records
  • Battery Life: 3400mAh

# Check Guard Patrol System



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