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K3 Handsfree Infrared Thermometer with Tripod Stand



This infrared thermometer device allows you to use it without holding any parts.  So you are safe. If you want to see your temperature come close to the machine, then it will show the temperature. No need to touch any parts. You can set it with a stand. Tripod stand for infrared thermometer helps to hold the thermometer device. It is flexible to move at a different angle. Its leg is superb sturdier so it doesn’t shake and stand on the ground strongly. The full body made with high-durable material.  Call for details.

K3 Handsfree Non-contact Forehead Body Infrared Thermometer Specs:

1. Non-contact, no need to handheld, avoid cross-infection.
2. Using a new chip, the induction time is faster (500 ms); the pass rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people/min).
3. High-temperature measurement accuracy, accuracy tolerance: +/- 0.2 (34 ~ 45 degree C)
4. With the warning of light failure detection and warning of abnormal temperature light.
5. Can be connected to the USB power source, power bank, built-in lithium battery.
6. High-definition display with 5m viewing distance.
7. Intelligent infrared forehead thermometer, no need to hold, can be hung/double-sided adhesive tape/bracket fixed.
8. The price makes up for the vacuum of the price of the handheld forehead gun and the high cost of the thermography door.
9. Can be applied in different occasions. Office / Metro / Home / Supermarket / Shop / Community / Entrance etc.

Tripod Stand For Infrared Thermometer Specs:

Basic Information
Brand Name OEM
Model No. FY803
Place of Origin Jiangxi, China
Weight (g) 1000
Extended Length (mm) 2100
Material Aluminum
Type Professional Tripod
Use Digital Camera, k3, k3 pro, k9, k9 pro
Load Capacity 3kg
Color Black
Function Photograph
Keywords Camera Tripod
Compatible cell phone, digital camera, video camera
Feature Portable Flexible
Style Foldable
Folded Length (mm) 790
Chargeable no
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Camera DSLR Accessories Yes

# Safety Eye Wash and Safety Shower

# Check Call Station


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