kaisi TX-350S Mobile Phone Repair Microscope

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  • New mobile phone repair microscope.
  • The bottom plate is equipped with heat-resistant silicone work pads.
  • Powerful microscope pocket fan.
  • 10X23 Wide Field of View Wide field of view eye mask.
  • 6.The eye is closest to the shape of the blindfold.
  • Light heavyweight Dt-V shut down the power grid.
  • Touch the light source.
  • 0.4CTV camera adapter.
  • New zoom positioning feature.

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kaisi TX-350S Mobile Phone Repair Microscope Specs:

  • Brand: KAISI
  • Model: TX-350s
  • Principle: triocular stereo microscope
  • Standard magnification: 7X-50X/3.5-100X/7-200X/4.9-50X/3.5-200X/3.5-50X/2.1-50X (same continuous focus zoom)
  • Applications: Mobile electronic maintenance
  • Features: Welding/motherboard CPU PCB repair


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