King Pigeon PIR-01 Wired PIR Motion Detector



The wired PIR Motion Detector is an INPUT DEVICE, the motion sensor works on the principle of sensing infrared energy (heat) emitting from an intruder”s body moving through a protected area.

King Pigeon PIR-01 Wired PIR Motion Detector Specs:

Working Voltage 9-12VDC;
Working Current (mA) 30-120
Static Current(uA) 25
Detect Range Vertical angle 60degree, Horizontal angle 110 degrees, 8~10m;
Installation Method Wall-mounted;
Installation Height 1.8~2.5m (max.);
Size (HxWxD) 104x60x32mm.
Applications For indoor use. Corridor, Office, Room, Museum, Library, Finance Room, Warehouse, etc.


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