KST-245 Model Walkie-Talkie Battery



It’s a rechargeable battery for the walkie-talkie or two-way radio. It can be charged very quickly and remain the charge for a long time so you no need to worry about whether the charge will vanish in a short time. DC 7.4V is perfect for heavy two-way radio. You will get 6 months warranty against every walkie-talkie battery you bought from us.

KST-245 Model Walkie-Talkie Battery Specs:

  • Rechargeable battery for Aircom AC-245 walkie-talkie model model
  • Replacement Li-ion battery
  • High-quality two-way radio battery
  • DC 7.4 V battery
  • Capacity 3500 mAh
  • Keep walkie-talkie active for a long time
  • Get charge fast
  • Comes with 6 months replacement warranty
  • Contact us to get this walkie-talkie.

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