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Bosch LBC-3491 Horn Speaker


Original price was: 6,500৳ .Current price is: 6,000৳ .

Product Code: OTC2226

  • High-efficiency drivers
  • Up to 45 W (max. power)
  • Wide opening angle
  • Excellent speech reproduction
  • Simple power setting

Bosch LBC-3491 Horn Speaker Specs:

Weight 1.4 kg (3.08 lb)
Brand Bosch
Power 15 Watt
Model Number LBC-3491/12
Rated Voltage 100 V
Rated Power 10 / 5 / 2.5 W
Rated Impedance 1000 ohm
Dimensions 267 x 171 mm, 10.51 x 6.73 in

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