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Locinox CS1507 Full Height Turnstile


Product Code: OTC2641

  • Ensures top security
  • 100% quality
  • Easy to install
  • 100% security

In details:

1. Locinox CS1507 Used 100% stainless materials combined with a robust system and strong connection with the turnstile guarantees years of worry-free use outdoors. The compact casing is IP55 certified.

2. Keeping the production time low keeps the production cost low. Locinox understands this need and gives you an easy to install module which is guaranteed to safe time, ensuring your profitability!

3. With our modular steering mechanism, you have control over both the access and exit of your
premises. The (optional) damping system guarantees a smooth continuous movement.

Locinox CS1507 Full Height Turnstile Specs:

Dimension(mm) – 15211.^1396W*2237H

Speed – 15people/min (NC), 25 people/ min (NO) I

Voltage – AC220 : 10%V,50 ± 10%HZ

Input Signal – Dry contact. ut, or pulse signal which width more than 100ms

Control Circuit – 24V DC

Temperature  – 20t– +65t

Consumption – 100W in a static state

Humidity – Less than 95%, no condensation

Arm – 580mm

Weight – 380KG

Turning Radius 640mm

Protection – I P65

Swing Angle – 120′

Service time More than one million times

Passage Width – 600mm

Colour Grey, beige

Passing method – 8i-directional

Power off – Locinox CS1507 Open automatically

# Check Walk-Through Metal Detectors


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