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Lumens PS752 Visualizer Desktop Document Camera



• Full HD 1080p output resolution with 30fps
• VGA, HDMI input and output and supports HDMI
• 20 times variable zoom ratio
• Built-in microphone
• One-Touch synchronous audio-video recording
• Compatible with USB flash drives, expandable to 4TB
• Dual gooseneck side lamps for anti-reflection
• Full-sized built-in LED backlight design for X-rays, film, and slides
• Folds down to a height of six inches (15 cm)
• Rigid lens provides protection from abnormal operation

Lumens PS752 Visualizer Desktop Document Camera Specs:

The Lumens™ PS752 document camera has 20x zoom capability and a professional image sensor to deliver vivid colors at Full HD 1080p output resolution with 30 fps. The PS752 supports HDMI input/output and it is compatible with several high-definition audio/video equipment. The internal memory stores up to 240 images and is expandable with a USB flash drive (up to 4TB).

With a one-touch audio/video recording function presentations are recorded without the need for a PC. A built-in backlight design achieves the multi-image display requirements. The dual adjustable side lamp design prevents reflections. Single-button auto-tune provides the perfect image quality every time. The unique projector mode is for connecting an LCD or DLP projector to reduce the interference caused by different types of projector technology, allowing the best image quality to be delivered.

Zoom 20x
Digital Zoom 12x
Output Resolution XGA, SXGA, WXGA, 1080p
Frame Rate 30 fps
Shooting Area Max. 440 x 330 mm (17.3” x 13”) > A3 size
Back Light Size
210 x 297 mm (8.3” x 11.7”)
SNR 51 dB
Sharpness MTF 967 lines
Lamps Dual LED side lamps supported by a gooseneck
Input Interface VGA, HDMI
Output Interface VGA x 2, HDMI, C-Video

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