Mini Lapel Windscreen for Headset Microphone Cover

Product Code: OTC2504

  • Design for most standard lapel and headset microphones
  • Protect your microphone from wind interference and other noises
  • Nice breathable material, good effect for voice
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues
  • Color Black

৳ 120


Mini Lapel Windscreen for Headset Microphone Cover Specs:

High-quality microphone foam cover to help reduce wind interference and help safeguard against possible hygiene issues especially when your microphone is used by multiple users.

Longer lasting washable foam fits most microphones with ball-shaped grilles, particularly vocal microphones, AIRCOM conference system, TOA Conference System, Audio-Technica, Beyer, Sennheiser, and Shure, among others.

High-Quality Thickening Microphone Foam Cover
Item Specifics:
Product Name: Microphone Filter
Material: Sponge Foam
Color: Black

  • High-quality washable microphone foam windscreen
  • Helps reduce wind interference
  • Safeguards against possible hygiene issues with multiple users
  • Fits most ball-shaped microphone grilles
  • Extra thick

# Check Video Conference System


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