Motorola CDR-700 Repeater System


Motorola CDR-700 Repeater System offers continuous duty cycle operation for up to 25 watt Tx power, one or two antennas operation, battery revert operation, easy integration with existing infrastructures, flexibility in choosing frequency and power levels.

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Motorola CDR-700 Repeater System Specs:

We are offering Motorola CDR 700 Repeater System in Bangladesh to our client.

Quality You Can Count On

  • Smart professionals in every business know that reliable communication is essential to success. Whether in the office or on the road, you need fast, dependable access to the right people and information so you can get the job done. And that’s exactly what two-way radio delivers.Motorola CDR-700 Repeater is efficient two-way radio lets you talk with one, ten, or one hundred people at the touch of a button – without costly airtime charges. Two-way radio provides the individual and team contact you need to help maximize productivity and meet customers’ demands – the first time and every time.

Taking Communication the Extra Mile:

  • As a business grows and changes, the communication requirements expand as well – requiring quicker, more flexible communication tools. Motorola CDR700 repeaters provide the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend a two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these repeaters widen the reach of radios as you broaden the customer base.

Versatility and Power:

  • Both the Motorola CDR700 repeaters offer extensive functionality and power to help you increase the calling range and capabilities of your mobile or portable radios – so you can enhance on-the-job efficiency. By receiving and resending radio transmissions these powerful repeaters help you extend your communication range and maintain clear sound quality. Available in low band, UHF,  and VHF frequencies, the Motorola CDR700 repeaters suit a wide variety of applications and can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure.


  • The Motorola CDR-700 repeater controllers offer you a range of options to accommodate your market and application requirements. A unidirectional configuration provides an added range for radios on widespread worksites. A bidirectional configuration can temporarily join two separate groups during critical situations. Unidirectional crossband provides the capability to monitor frequencies such as weather or road condition channels, and bidirectional crossband can temporarily join two groups that normally operate on different frequency bands.


  • Duplexers let you use just one antenna for both transmitting and receiving signals. The use of a duplexer is more cost-effective than two antennas and feed lines, and can better equalize the transmit and receive ranges to improve radio communications.

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