Motorola PTT Speaker Microphone


This microphone added another suitability for using the Motorola walkie-talkies. It is an original microphone that is compatible with multiple models from Motorola. If you need this excellent PTT mic built-in speaker, just call us.

৳ 5,000


Motorola PTT Speaker Microphone Specs:

– Color: Black
– Material: Plastic
– Type: 6 Pin
– Handheld Microphone for Walkie Talkie
– With 360 Degrees Rotating Belt Clip for Easy Carrying Retractable Cable Extension Length Up to 2 Meters

Compatible With
– Gp380, Gp318, Gp320, Gp328, Gp340, Gp360, Gp140, Gp329, Gp338, Gp339, Gp640, Gp680, Gp1280
– Mtx850, Mtx850ls, Mtx900, Mtx950, Mtx960,mtx8250,mtx8250ls, Mtx9250,
– Ht750, Ht1250, Ht1250ls, Ht1550xls
– Pr860, Pro5150, Pro5350, Pro5450, Pro5550, Pro5750, Pro7150, Pro7350, Pro7450, Pro7550, Pro7750, Pro9150, Ptx700, Ptx760, Ptx78

# Check Aircom PTT Microphone With Speaker

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