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Nexakey TM-D1 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell



  • Brand-Nexakey
  • Package Contents: Smart doorbell, Chime, 2 Rechargeable battery
  • 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Nexakey TM-D1 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Specs:

Nexakey TM-D1 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. Giving users the ability to create and build their own smart home is important to a company like an abode, so the next best move was to expand hardware and integrations in order to allow for the most functionality possible.

abode has announced new devices and advances to their ever-growing smart home system. Included in the announcement was a list of new hardware that includes smaller, mini door/window sensors, a recessed door sensor, and a slim door sensor, a welcome addition for many users who want their security measures to remain discreet.

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