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Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 Access Control



Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 access control device has face detection and recognition, dual camera, FBI PIV certified sensor, simultaneous face and fingerprint authentication, simultaneous RF and smart card recognition, 5-inch color touch LCD, fake fingerprint detection technology, crash report system.

  • Face Detection & Recognition
  • Dual Camera
  •  5″ Color Touch LCD
  • Multifactor Authentication

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Nitgen eNBioAccess-T9 Access Control Spec:

CPU 1Ghz Quad-Core
Memory 4GB NAND / 8GB microSD
Sensor Optical / 500 DPI (FBI-PIV Certified)
Authentication Type Face, Fingerprint, RF card, Password
1:1 Time < 0.2 sec.
1:N Time < 0.6 sec.(5,000 templates)
Max User 100,000 users
Face Capacity 10,000 (1:1) / 2,000 (1:N)
Fingerprint Capacity FP : 100,000 (1:1) (1:N)
Face : 50,000 (1:1)
10,000 (1:N)
Card Capacity 100,000
Log Capacity 1,000,000
Communication TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Wiegand In/Out (26/34 bit)
Lock Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Environment -20~60 ℃ / < RH 90%
Dimensions 149.5(W) x 208.5(H) x 46(D) mm

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