Omni TQJ-GB-10-400V-1 Fiberglass Antenna


Omni 390-470MHz UHF Full Band Omni Antenna has a 300-400 MHz or 400-520MHz frequency range. It’s a vertical antenna that covers a wide range. The maximum power input watts is 150 watts. Its radome materials are fiberglass that enough durable. For your information, the Omni antenna affords to cover the maximum range for networking. To buy this Omni antenna in Bangladesh, call us at 01719300940.

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Omni TQJ-GB-10-400V-1 Fiberglass Antenna Specs:


Frequency Range———————–    300-400 MHz or 400-520MHz

Band Width——————————–    10MHz

Impedance———————————    50 Ohm

VSWR—————————————    less than 1.5

Gain——————————————    10 dBi

Polarization——————————–    Vertical

Max. Power Input-watts—————    150 W

Radiation———————————–     Omni


Dimension———————————–    Ø38× 4000 mm

Diameter of Bedrock———————    Ø38mm

Radome Material————————–    Fiberglass

Radiating Element Material———–     Cu

Termination———————————-    SO239

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