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PF4000 Full Height Turnstile


  • LED Down lights
  • Canopy
  • Directional Indicators
  • Bespoke Access Control Plates
  • 3/4 Height Turnstiles
  • Stainless Steel RotorsGalvenised
  • Keypad
  • Proximity Cards
  • Voice/Video Intercom Access
  • Token Acceptor

PF4000 Full Height Turnstile Specs:

The PF4000 Full Height Turnstile range is a high specification turnstile, suitable for controlling access in environments such as reception areas, health clubs, theme parks, public buildings, and stadiums.

The new PF4000 multifunctional, full height pedestrian turnstiles are an ideal solution for a variety of modern applications.

These turnstiles are constructed from mild or stainless steel for long-lasting and maintenance-free performance. The PF4000 incorporates the very latest in modern design and styling and ensures maximum convenience and ease-of-use.

The PF4000 offers a comprehensive range of basic features to suit individual client requirements, including 90° or 120° rotor assemblies, canopies, downlights, and fire alarm activation (to engage free rotation). A wide range of access control system options are also available, including card, push button intercom, and keypad, providing secure entry and exit for restricted areas. The PF4000 range can be powder coated to customer specifications.

The PF4000 is also available as a half-height turnstile more commonly used for indoor applications.


Single: 1480mm x 1410mm x 2350mm
Double: 2220mm x 1500mm x 2350mm
Rotor: 76mm ø tube with bottom support bearing
Arms: 42mm ø tube with capped ends
Side frames: 33mm ø tube welded to curve base plate


# Check Walk-Through Metal Detectors


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