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Portable Walk Through Metal Detector for Airport Metro (M-SOMENS)


* Waterproof
* Sensitivity adjustable
* Strong anti-jamming ability
* Automatic built-in test and self-diagnosis
* Accurate location of the detected object
* Fast installation
* 40 Hours of battery life on a single charge

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Portable Walk-through Metal Detector for Airport Metro Specs:

Product Description

SMS series walk-through metal detector gate adopts international advanced metal detection technology, specially used for the detection and prevention of metal and alloy articles hidden on human body.When the body carrying metal objects through generates alarm device, can accurately detect metal objects or handbag box to carry through the human body or containing metal objects, such as all kinds of knives, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other metal items, used to carry out safety inspection, prevent theft inspection is an effective tool


Application place
Mainly used in government organs, public security organs, procuratorates, courts, prisons, detention houses, customs, airports, stations, sports venues, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, large gatherings and other places and hardware, electronics, jewelry, military industry, coinage and other factories or enterprises.

Product highlights
* Waterproof
* Sensitivity adjustable
* Strong anti-jamming ability
* Automatic built in test and self diagnosis
* Accurate location of the detected object
* Fast installation
* 40 Hours of battery life on a single charge

Performance characteristic
1. Easy installation, portable, 5 minutes to complete the assembly, decomposition
2. After the installation is completed, automatically identify Unicom to achieve three independent detection areas
3. 6 sensing areas can be assembled by any interchange of left, right, up and down
4. The safety inspection door is made of ABS, polycarbonate alloy and other impact resistant materials
5. Built-in highlighted location LED light display, at a glance
6. Electronic frequency chip is adopted to realize multiple side-by-side without mutual interference
7. Close to the security detector and other large metal objects as usual detection, sensitivity unchanged, without interference
8. Startup automatic detection, automatic environment calibration
9. Automatic statistics of the number of people passing and alarm times
10. The front of the host has a highlighted pass and alarm LED indicator icon.
11. There are two built-in batteries on the left and right, and the battery can last for more than 24 hours
12. LCD display adjustment parameters, sensitivity can be adjusted for 300 levels
13. It has no damaging effect on pacemakers, hearing AIDS, pregnant women, CDS, etc
14. Product performance complies with CE,ROHS,FCC and GB15210-2003 General Technical Specification for Pass-through Metal Detection safety Inspection Door
15. This product has a PCT international patent and national invention patent certificate

Product Parameters

Outer frame
Inner frame
Folding frame 620(H)*600(W)*950(L)mm
Protection class IP55
Work envionment
-20ºC~+70ºC  (-4oF to +158oF )
Detecting zones 3/6
Relative humidity 95%
Battery life 40 hours (optional 60-80 working hours)
The net weight 35kg
Gross Weight 56kg


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