Qualica-RD MH-ERA3 Full Height Turnstile Gate



1.Auto-reposition function: After card read, passengers don‘t pass within regulated time period, turnstile will be locked automatically
2.Bi-direction passing or uni-direction
3.When power off, arm will be locked automatically.
4.Self-lock function: arm will be locked automatically after passenger passing.
5.4 arms are always closed with each turning 90 degrees
6.Standard interfaces are convenient for connection with different readers which can send relay signal
7.RS485 interfaces can connect turnstile with computer directly
8.Stable running with little noise.

Qualica-RD MH-ERA3 Full Height Turnstile Gate Specs:

1.Power Supply: AC220V±10V ,50Hz / AC110V±10V ,60Hz
2.Power Consumption: 100W
3.Temperature: -15 to 60 degrees
4.Humidity: <95%, without concretion
5.Passage Width: 600mm
6.Passing Speed: 30 persons/min (normal open), 20 persons/min (normal close)
7.Arm Open/Close Time: 2s
8.Input Interface:  +12V electrical signal or impulse signal with width more than 100ms, drive current >10mA
9.Communication Interface: RS485 (Distance: <=1200m)
10.Working Environment: Indoors or outdoors with shed
Arm Turning: Uni-direction or Bi-direction

202 stainless steel
304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel

1630x1500x2300 mm
2.Pole shape and diameter
Camber (shape)
Φ 38(diameter)
Φ 42(diameter)


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