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Slinex 16HRSQ04 Video Door Phone



  • 4.3’’ high-resolution screen
  • Ultrathin case
  • Modern design
  • Built-in power supply
  • Compact design сolor
  • CMOS camera
  • Resolution 800 TVL

Slinex 16HRSQ04 Video Door Phone Specification:

First impression
Slinex ML-16HR is a compact single-user outdoor panel in a classic body. The panel has many advantages such as an increased camera resolution of 800 TVL, a unique intelligent IR illumination, an anti-vandal body, and a color CMOS sensor.
The panel can be called the golden mean, combining the balance of functionality, great exterior, and moderate price. ML-16HR is an analog outdoor panel, but you can easily convert it into IP with the help of a specially designed adapter Slinex XR-30IP.

Where to use
This panel is suitable for use inside any room or outside the building. You can install it as an additional protection in front of the apartment door in a multistoried building or mount it in front of the entrance to a private house. Due to its small size (41×122×23 mm), the panel can easily be placed in narrow apertures from 5 cm in width. The panel is designed for connection to 4-wire intercoms.
The operating temperature range is quite wide; it does not lose its productivity characteristics in the mode from -40˚С to +65˚С.

The main features of the model
The main feature is its unique capacity to recognize the time when camera illuminating is necessary. The panel has a built-in light sensor responsible for controlling the IR highlight. The range of illumination is more than one meter, ensuring the acquired image and video are sufficient for face recognition even in the darkness.
Another feature is the presence of two possible methods of installation: a wall mount and a flush mount.

Appearance and camera
ML-16HR anti-vandal body is made of a strong metal alloy and has an IP65 protection class. The panel is not afraid of changing weather conditions such as showers or dust. The outdoor panel is presented in one color, “black”, which perfectly fits into any exterior.

The panel has a built-in color camera working on the basis of a color CMOS camera module with a high light sensitivity of 0,01 Lux. The resolution of the camera is 800 TV lines, and the viewing angle is 72º. Combined, these characteristics will give you an image of high quality, and IR illumination will provide a clear picture even in the dark.

Device compatibility with additional components
ML-16HR is fully compatible with almost any 4-wire intercom.

Delivery set
Rain cover – 1 pc.
Angle bracket – 1 pc.
Flush mount bracket – 1 pc.
The outdoor panel – 1 pc.
Set of mounting screws and dowels for installation – 1 set.
User’s manual – 1 pc.

Brief guide for panel installation
1. Place the bracket in the location of the intended installation;
2. Drill the required number of holes in the wall;
3. Place the dowels from the set in the holes;
4. Fix the bracket with screws;
5. After connecting the required communication wires, fix the outdoor panel on the bracket with the help of the bolt on the lower edge.

Sex ML-16HR is a model for those users who are looking for a reliable device with all the necessary functions and unique additions. Thanks to this panel, the security of your house or office will always be under control.

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