Soft Tag DE-Activator JKDS-J24G

Product Code: OTC2252

1. Perfect combination of decoder and decoding board, higher sensor distance—-the highest height can be up to 20CM over the board. Unique circuit design lowers power dissipation.
2. Easy to use: can work once the power is connected; saves cables between decoder and decoding board; higher stability; lower failure rate.
3. Tempered glass installed panel: strong, durable and wear-resisting, beautiful and practical

৳ 9,000


Soft Tag DE-Activator JKDS-J24G Specs:

  • Center frequency: 8.2MHz
  • Sensor distance: over 10mm
  • Voltage: DC18V
  • Dimensions: 248×248mm
  • Hole Dimensions: 230×230mm

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