Standardised SDI to ALL Scaler Converter

The SDI to ALL Scaler Converter allows SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signals to be shown on HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite port display. This means that it is now easier for professionals to distribute and extend their SDI signal while giving the ability to display work on these displays. Furthermore, thanks to L/R audio outputs users can output analog audio formats while the loop-through 3G-SDI design benefits users by letting them simultaneously show content on both SDI and HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite port displays.

৳ 25,000


Standardised SDI to ALL Scaler Converter Specs:

SMPTE Standard 425M Level A & B, 424M, 292M, 259M-C
SDI Transmission Rates 2.970Gbps, 2.970/1.001Gbps,1.485Gbps,
1.485/1.001Gbps, and 270Mbps
Input Port 1×BNC (SD/HD/3G-SDI)
Output Port 1×BNC (SD/HD/3G-SDI bypass),
1×HDMI (Type A connector),
1×DVI with Audio
1x VGA with Audio
1×Composite with R/L
ESD ProtectionHuman-body Model
±8kV (air-gap discharge)
±4kV (contact discharge)
SDI Cable Distance 3G up to 100m (BELDEN 1694A Cable)
HD up to 200m (BELDEN 1694A Cable)
SD up to 300m (BELDEN 1694A Cable)
Dimensions 110mm (W)×288mm (D)×32mm (H)
Weight 750g
Chassis Materialmetal
Operating Temperature 0 ??C~40 ??C/32 ??F~104 ??F
Storage Temperature −20 ??C~60 ??C/−4 ??F~140 ??F
Relative Humidity 20~90% RH (Non-condensing)
Power Consumption 5W

Operation and Functions:

A. Front panel
1.BLACK Button: Press this button will output Black screen signal to HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite port display.
2.HDMI/DVI/VGA OUT button: Press these buttons to select the HDMI/DVI/VGA port resolution.
3.CVBS OUT button: Press these buttons to select the composite output port format.

B. Rear panel
1.SDI IN: Connect to the SDI output of the SDI source device. Accepts SD,HD or 3G SDI signals.
2.SDI LOOP OUT: Provides a ‘loop-through’ SDI signal output for connection to a SDI display.
3.OUTPUT: These slot is where you connect the HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite Video display with cable for input source display.
4.DC 12V: Plug the 12V DC power supply into the unit and connect the adaptor to AC wall outlet.
5.ON/OFF: Power ON/OFF.


Supports SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI input signals with auto-detection;
Supports HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite and SDI (bypass) output simultaneously;
SDI interface operates at bitrates of 2.970 Gbit/s, 2.970/1.001 Gbit/s,
1.485 Gbit/s, 1.485/1.001 Gbit/s and 270 Mb/s;
Supports SDI input/output distance up to 100 meters (3G-SDI), 200
meters (HD-SDI), or 300 meters (SD-SDI);
Scale any SDI signal to HDMI/DVI/VGA/Composite:


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