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ITC T-250BM Active Speaker



1) Transmission frequency: 2.4000 to 2.53MHz, Hifi, anti-interference;

2) 64K @16bit x2 HDCD sound quality is in the top grade of the industry;

3) Sound delay is less than 0.5ms;

4) Frequency response: 80 to 16KHz ;

5) To enter paring state automatically, when it’s turned on; to enter receiving state after notification tone;

ITC T-250BM Active Speaker Specs:

1) Paring distance between the host and microphone is less than 3m and the pairing time is less than 3s;

2) Support encrypted transmission; the receiver is with the function of automatic frequency sweep to avoid interference easily;

3) The 2.4G radio microphone is with volume control;

4) Support charging function with charging management; support charging and working at the same time; using Micro USB port as same as general mobile phone charger;

5) With 1 Line input and 1 Mic input;

6) With protection function for output load and short;

7) Output: 2x25W@4Ω;

8) Microphone input is with mute function;

9) With 1 volume control for Mic, 1 volume control for Line input, and 2 hidden type treble/bass control.

Product Model T-250BM
Power Consumption ≤60W
Connecting Distance ≤3m
Output Impedance 4Ω to 8Ω
Rated Power 25W x2
Input Sensitivity AUX: 350mV±20mV, Mic : 5mV±0.5mV
Sampling Rate 64K @16bit x2
SNR ≥70dB
Frequency Response 80 to 16KHz
THD ≤1%
Volume Control 1 for Mic , 1 for AUX
Working Temp. 5 ℃ to 40 ℃
Working Relative Humidity 20% to 80%, no condensing
Storage 4G
Frequency 2.4000 to 2.53MHz
Paring Auto
Power Supply AC 220V to AC 240V 50/60Hz
Dimension 200x210x300mm
Weight 7Kg

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